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Above all, we care about helping people
and businesses grow.

Our experience in the development and implementation of effective brands
that spans across varying industries and markets. Through our diverse client base,
we understand how to effectively engage with different market segments while
carefully considering each business’s unique business circumstances, life stage and challenges.

Never stop playing

We are a digital creative company that approaches each project with the same curiosity we had when we were kids, just with a bit more experience, method and precision. Be curious, talk simple, play fair, share everything.

Experience is better when shared

.A road trip is amazing because of all the stories you can tell. Wind, landscapes, and adventures with your buddies. What makes it unforgettable are your travel companions. The same is true for our projects: we exchange views with our clients and develop together tools to improve the connection with the Final targets.

we design the user experience together with you.
we share strategy and project equity with your team.

Wow, it’s beautiful! And it works too!


We look around. Before acting, we analyze the scenario.


It looks good. It’s reliable. And we can measure it, because everything is managed internally, we can make decisions that leverage different skills. Which is why we know how to rock the fLoor.


Every step of the project has to be the best one.

Inspired by curiosity

Seriously, this is why we like our job so much.
We have worked on new ways of communicating and new digital solutions since 2017, always trying to invent something different. We mix creativity, usability and Thousads of lines of code with the objective of delivering a unique experience. A bit more with every project.

Meet The team

Phesh Shongwe

Founder / Web Designer

– NDip : Graphics Design (VUT)
– Adobe H Cert : Digital Communication design

NK Dladla

Photography / Graphics

– NDip : Video Technology and Photography (DUT)

Vuyani Ntshayintshayi

Marketing Coordinator

– NDip : IMM Graduate School

Yolanda Koen

Social Media Marketing / Copywriter

– NDip : Marketing Managment (DUT)
– H Cert : Online Marketing


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